How Do I Fill a Cold December Afternoon?



Hot Chocolate

Gingerbread cookies


Christmas Spirit!

What is on your agenda today?


Tiffany said…
that was really cute! i'll be doing homework for class!
Sue said…
On my agenda for today:



Bill paying

Grocery shopping

Christmas card addressing

What's wrong with this list?

It's impossible to complete!


PS. Hope your afternoon goes well!
Emmy said…
Yeah for Christmas spirit!!
We did our Time for Tots today, seasons, i.e winter theme. It was fun, will be up next Wednesday
Chantel said…
I had to work (actually I'm at work waiting on a patient to fill out paper work). Not a very fun agenda! I did make fudge over lunch, though. I guess that's kinda Christmasy.
Familia Morales said…
Flu shots was on our list today. I like your agenda a lot more than mine. We got all decked out for Christmas yesterday, so fun!

By the way, it was Pedro's 21st birthday since he turned 10. :)
Katie Lane said…
Sounds like the perfect day to me!
Today is:
playing in the snow
and family pictures!
Erin said…
That sounds like a wonderful day!

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