Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gratitude May

Gratitude May:
  • Obscure holidays like May Day and Cinco de Mayo
  • Crazy conversations with my husband like Clunopolyland and Ozzy Osmond. Classic.
  • Living near and spending time with my mother
  • I am so glad for all the wonderful smells all around. I sure love the extra dimension they give to the world.
  • I love the heat, and seeing my son's reactions to it.
  • My freedom and all the many people who made it possible for me to be free really humbles me. Thank you men and women of the armed forces. Thank you.
  • I am eternally in love with and grateful for my Jeffrey. This one I could go on and on about, but wont because you can just read the post.
  • What would we do without doctors, or the kindness of strangers? I am thankful for them helping my Daddy.
There were many more wonderful things that happened in May but memory obscures much of it... I was pregnant, I can be forgiven for forgetting!

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Sue said...

This was another great one, Amy. i especially liked the one where you "took your mom out to lunch."



PS. Reading the one about your dad, I was glad all over again that he was okay!