Thursday, December 10, 2009

From Black to White

My grandmother had beautiful snowy hair. Celestial tinted hair to be exact. She was an amazing woman.

She had six sons and a daughter.

She was an amazing woman.

Who always had white hair.

I now see the correlation.

My mother began to get white hairs... well, actually as long as I can remember she has had the salt and pepper hair. She is an amazing woman.

She had three sons and four daughters.

She is an amazing woman.

With a whole lot of white in her hair.

Guess what. I only have two children, I am not amazing, and I have lots of white in my hair.

How is that fair?

Its days like yesterday that make me just want to go back to being 23. That was a great year. My hair was all one color, my stress level was basically non-existent, and I just loved my life. It was great. I didn't have two screaming children both wanting to eat, neither one understanding that I could only get food for one of them at a time. I didn't have two bums to clean and worry about diaper rash. I didn't have a house that just can't get clean, no matter how hard I work at it. I did have to cook my own dinner, but I could do it whenever I wanted and didn't have to worry about it being super nutritious or on time. I didn't have to worry about cleaning little faces, keeping permanent markers out of little hands, or cleaning broken glasses up off the floor.

Now? Well, I am earning my Celestial hair. I have quite a few lot.
Yesterday I think I earned a whole head of it. It was one of those days where everything goes wrong. I actually got a lot of laundry done. I got some other things done, but no matter how much I did, it looked like I had done nothing. So annoying! By the time Jeffrey got home I was done with the day. D.O.N.E. I was nearly bald from all the hair I had pulled out because, well, it was one of those days.

With Jeffrey home I could focus on things other than holding Faye. In the middle of disciplining Keith there was a knock at the door. Grumbling, I glared at the mess as I left Keith screaming on the floor so I could see who had come to visit us in our misery. Our good friend Gary was there with a soda, and something wrapped in a bag. He glanced behind me into the house and said "I got an email about a party you were having?"

I had to laugh. I had just sent out an email about our annual Christmas Carol Soiree which is next week. I love that he misread the invite and came last night. It helped my mood. I finished talking to Keith about why it is not okay to run through the house screaming while brandishing a sharpie and then put him to bed. Jeffrey and I continued cleaning while chatting with our friend. Suddenly, another knock came to the door. It was my adorable Young Women with a beautiful quilt they had made for Faye. I was so happy to see them!

But really, why did everyone show up on the worst day ever? My messy house that just can't stay clean no matter how much I clean it, grumpy children all day long... well, really only a grumpy toddler and a very hungry baby all day long. I was exhausted!

But not everything was baldness causing. Keith sure has a cute way of being him.

I was changing his diaper when I noticed a slight rash appearing. I told him he needed to hold still and I would be very careful while I cleaned him off, but he had an owie, so it might hurt a little. When I finished washing him off, he looked at me, and with tears in his eyes and a little quavering voice he said "Kiss it better, Mommy."

I laughed and after pondering for a moment decided to kiss my hand and then give his behind a little pat with the kiss on that hand. Once his pants were back on I got a big hug from him. It sure made me happy.

Also, while I was opening the curtains to let the light in yesterday morning, I left Faye on the floor playing, and Keith jumping in the pile of clothes (the one thing I did get done today, but you just can't tell because clothes are not supposed to be in the living room anyway). Suddenly I heard an angry wail coming from the baby. I rushed over and had a hard time not laughing. Keith had completely buried Faye in the clothes. He loves to bury himself, so he figured she would like it too. Silly boy.

Keith was helping me attempt to decorate and saw a little Santa tin. He then shouted "Look Mommy, Satan!"

Ah my beautiful children. White hairs, no hairs, wrinkles... I will take them all just to be the mommy of such wonderful little people. It isn't always easy, but it is always, always so very worth it.
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