Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daddy Make It

"Keith needs sword."

Bedhead and his makeshift sword

"Sword in the stone. Hat. Need hat. Need sword. Sword in the stone. Keith needs. Horse. Mommy needs sword too. And horse. Horse too. Daddy make sword. Make hat. Daddy make it."

That was a condensed version of a twenty minute conversation I had with Keith last week.

It was pretty one sided and he did most of the talking, and I don't think he deviated much from that script. Just repeated it over and over. Different variations of it of course.

He then had me call Jeffrey and he had the same conversation over the phone with his Daddy which lasted around five minutes (which is a long time for an over the phone conversation with Keith.)

And he has every confidence that his Daddy will come through with a hat (paper) and sword (cardboard) for him. Thank heavens he doesn't have his heart set on a horse!

In the meantime he is happy with the vacuum wand as a sword.


Emmy said...

When they get the minds set on something there is no stopping them :)

Tiffany said...

we've been having a lot of one sided convos too...actually, my daughter has most of those convos with the dog.

i'm okay with it.

Em said...

i'm amazed at children who talk using REAL words. i just get grunts and short sounds, haha. he'll say almost every word i ask him to, but other than that it's pure grunting.

Noodle said...

how cute sammy has her bippity bopity boo... her magic wang and she swings it around saying bippity bopity boo I love you and taping you on the head with her wand... Its so cute but after geting "taped" on the head 20 times it gets kinda anoying but I still love hearing I love you from her so I'll put up with the head boping

Familia Morales said...

Hmm, I'd love to see how you come up with a horse for Keith. You could just have Jeffrey be the horse...what fun!

And I just have to say I love the snow falling on your blog. Very festive!

Sue said...

I love that much fun!