Becoming a Hermit In My Own Room

I want to know why toddlers are impervious to temperature.

Keith LOVES to wear his coat. Remember this past summer when it was so ghastly hot paint began peeling from the walls? Or maybe it just seemed like it would. And I was so happy to have my air conditioner. Yeah, that summer. Keith insisted on wearing his big puffy winter coat everywhere. Every time we went anywhere in the car he wanted his coat on. And I forgot to mention, the A/C in the car went out. Crazy little child of mine. We would reach our destination and there would be pools of sweat in the back seat. And he was as happy as could be because he had his coat on.

Although the weather has changed, Keith hasn't. He is still impervious to temperature.

Our heater is on the blitz. It has decided to only turn on twice a day. When we wake up in the morning, it is generally about 50* in the house. Of course we have electric heaters for the bedrooms so we don't freeze at night but when morning comes I hate getting out of bed. When I do get up, I look for tell-tale signs of a visit from Jack Frost. I swear he camps out in my living room at night.

But the cold dosen't bother Keith in the least bit. When he wakes up he is ready to play. He runs out of his room and straight for the toys he left the night before. Never mind that he can see his breath. Never mind that his woogies aare freezing in his nose. Never mind his little hands and feet make ice sickles jealous. He just wants to play...

...while I cower from the cold in my room.

And this leads me to wonder about his internal temperature settings and why heat and cold don't bother him.

And this leads me to wonder what's wrong with me? Am I really such a wimp?

My home is being run by a two year old because I am avoiding the sub-arctic temperatures and he doesn't mind them.


Familia Morales said…
Kids are impervious to cold and hot. We're not wimps...not at all! I'm scared of going outside today, it took me 30 minutes to warm up after running Annaleise to the bus stop.
Noodle said…
Sammy loves running around in her pull-up right now... I'm to tired to keep puting clothes back on her 100 times a day plus she is trying to potty train again... So I've just let her run around almost naked... She is going to look at pictures and say mom where are all my clothes... and I'll say on the floor cause you wouldn't keep them on... But she stays warm as I'm sunggled under a blanket...
Lee said…
I think it is a kid thing. Mine get up but complain the whole time about the cold.
Sue said…
My grandchildren never seem to get cold or want a jacket. They don't even want shoes...when it's freezing!

It's crazy.

Lara said…
Totally hear you! Sophia was running around this morning practically naked, and my husband had forgotten to turn the heater up this morning, so it was about 50 degrees in the house. Meanwhile, I shivered and added blankets and coats until the heat kicked in.
Emmy said…
I think kids are just crazy like that.

And so sorry you heat is not working, that is just awful.. the highs here today are in the 50's and I am freezing. :)
Kids are durable, aren't they?? Your kid would LOVE it here. We had our first snow day since moving to Minnesota a few years ago and where were all the school kids?? OUTSIDE in our first snow storm of the winter. Not too bad at -10 with the wind chill and 26mph winds. Hope to follow you on your journey.

check us out sometime
* { Shannon } * said…
I hear you! Isabelle runs around the house in nothing but her underwear all day while I'm practically in my snowsuit freezing!
Mare said…
When children are young, their sensory responses are not completely developed yet. As such, hot & cold don't bother them quite as much as they bother us. It happens again when we get old too. Just thought you might want to know. Guess I learned something handy from one of my college courses!

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