The Baking Conspiracy

The scent of fresh baked rolls and cookies swirled around me last night.

As it is getting so close to Christmas I needed to get my holiday baking done. My friend came over and graciously held Faye so I could bake. As I opened up my pantry a horrible realization smacked me. I had all the ingredients for my treats except one. I was missing one key ingredient for each of the four recipes I wanted to make. It was almost like a conspiracy.

So instead of making the English Toffee and fudge I so desperately wanted to make, I settled on oatmeal cookies and rolls.

The smell brought Jeffrey out of his man cave and into heaven. Or so said he.

After making a frightful mess, my friend and I went out into the cold to bring cheer to the hearts of neighbors... or something along those lines. We went out with the Young Men and Young Women caroling to the widows in our ward. They were all terribly sweet and said we sounded wonderful, but I think the cold night air does something to the sound waves because I know we weren't that in tune. But it made them happy, and it made all of us happy, so I would say it was an evening well spent.

While I was gone Jeffrey was home with the kids. When I walked in the door, I saw the scene he always sees when he gets home from work. A frazzled-at wits end- parent, an absolute mess, and two kids. One crying and the other running around playing "you can't catch me." It sure did my heart good to see my burden shared just a little bit. I really hate that I get such satisfaction in seeing him experience a short two hours of my day. Sweet sweet justice!

And today I am going to make a trip to the store and attempt the goodies again... once I tackle the mess from the treats yesterday.

Sigh. I sure love this busy time of year!


Familia Morales said…
Yummy! The smell of freshly baked rolls and oatmeal cookies would bring any man out of his man-cave. Have fun baking today!
Lara said…
It is always wonderful when I know that my husband gets a little taste of my day. Just a little and I know he appreciates me more. :)

I'm baking all day today, too. Mmmmm.
Gail said…
What a lovely thing to do!

And, yes, is a small way it is nice to know that it's "not just me" who gets like that with the kids.... hehe. :)
Em said…
baking is my release. when i was in college i would always bake after finals, like my little reward activity for surviving. i have been holding off until sean finished his finals to start my holiday baking this year. i'm thinking lemon bread is up to bat. sounds not so exciting, but i've been told that if you don't think lemon bread is exciting, then you haven't had mine.
tinahead81 said…
i hate when i think i have everything...only to be short one or two items! so annoying!!

i loove a little hubby justice!! lol, don't feel bad, they need a taste every so often!
Anything that you do in service for the widows is going to be sweet music to their ears. It makes me happy to hear stories of the Youth caroling.

Emmy said…
Yes going away for a bit really makes the men folk appreciate what we do :)

And well it makes us a little more willing to do it again, so it is good for all.
Noodle said…
I love seeing my hubby frazzled and so excited when i walk in the door.... It makes me feel like super woman that I can do it for hours and he can only handle them for a few...
Sue said…
I think it's good for the fathers of young children to understand firsthand what their wives cope with every day. Makes them a lot more understanding and appreciative of their wives' jobs!

Veronica said…
Missing one ingredient, I hate when that happens! I'm glad you were able to get some baking done anyway, and how nice to do it with a friend!

I always sing out of tune LOL. How sweet of you to go out and bring out some happiness!
I still need to get some treat baking on as well! I'm still not sure what I'm going to make though.

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