Thursday, December 17, 2009

April Gratitude

Gratitude: April
  • I am so grateful for the many ways I am shown love from my Father in Heaven. Really, it astounds me.
  • Freshly washed laundry and clothes drying on the line just make me giddy. The smell of the fresh outdoors they bring with them makes using them or wearing them so much more enjoyable.
  • A husband who understands life, and knows how to see the brighter side of things is exactly what I need. Aaaah, he is divine.
  • Family time and making memories together. Celebrating the resurrection of Our Lord while teaching my son why we do it.
  • I. Love. Rain. The end.
  • The wisdom my son teaches me.
  • A week of time with my son and doing nothing else. It was bliss.
  • I love when salesmen come to my door and do silly things which the directions of the item they are vending expressly tell them not to do. I am grateful for people who make me laugh.

1 comment:

Gail said...

Another great list..... I hope "Damien" the salesman is ok! That he has a stomach made of rock!

Easter is such a wonderful time of the year! So much to be thankful for!