Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Angels of Snow and Otherwise

Aren't mothers wonderful?

Mine sure is.

She dropped by to work miracles yesterday.

She held Faye so I could clean. While we didn't get the whole house clean, or even 1 room all the way clean, I got every room nearly clean. Due to the size of the mess and Faye's cooperation it would have taken me a couple of months to get it all the way clean. I am so excited!

Again I say it.


After she left I whipped together a dinner that surprised me on how good it was. Jeffrey came home from work, and then the fun began!

I gave him Faye when he finished eating, and grabbed Keith by the hand. We ran into his room where I helped him don his snow apparel. We then went outside and rejoiced in the little flakes floating in the air, gently kissing our faces.

I taught him the fine art of snow angel making and he LOVED it! We slid on the sidewalks. My slidings were intentional for the most part. His weren't. But it was okay because we were holding hands! I caught him every time. We then went for a walk to see the neighborhood Christmas lights, or what is left of them.

Half way through our walk I wanted to take a picture of him all bundled up. That is when I realized my camera was missing.

Snow angel.

I realized it must have fallen out of my pocket as we made snow angels.

We ran and slid back to our house and I searched the snow while Keith stubbornly stood on the sidewalk. His walk wasn't finished, he was informing me.

I found the camera nearly buried. Only a small glint of metal showed me where it was. So sad! I ran it into the house and asked Jeffrey to see if it was salvageable (thankfully it was), then rushed back to my stubborn statue on the front walk. He refused to move closer to the house as that would mean going in time, and he would have none of that!

We finished our walk, and then went in for hot chocolate and a puzzle.

It was such a dreamy night! I love little dates with my children.

Jeffrey showed me this song and said "It is you. I think she wrote this song about you." Enjoy!

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