Saturday, November 7, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere!

I know, enough with the pregnant stories already! But bear with me. It seems it is influencing every aspect of my life right now, and so that is basically all I have on my mind. Besides, I need to remember how I feel this time so next time when I am 11 months pregnant I can look back and say "Oh yeah, I remember that."

The house was quiet. I knew that I only had one chance to shower. I also knew if I lingered, my chance would come and go faster than a sneeze if I didn't act immediately. I grabbed my terry cloth robe and quietly stepped into the bathroom. I had to be quiet because Keith is a light sleeper and was just on the other side of the wall. I visited "my friend John" and relieved myself, then stepped into the shower, once again enjoying the heat as it pricked my skin. I love hot showers! I love letting the water fall over and around me, the steam slowly rising up and filling the bathroom like a symphony. That is one of my favorite things in the world. With my eyes closed I stood and let the stresses that had been building up just wash off and disappear down the drain. Suddenly I felt it. An extra rush of water. My eyes popped open and my shower was ruined.

I didn't know if my water had broken or if I had just had some extra liquid stored up in my bladder. I didn't feel that familiar urge at all, but it hadn't been enough water to warrant going to the hospital saying my water had broken. Nor was I feeling any pain. My mind rushed through every possibility and worry, expectation, and excitement crawled out of the drain they had been washed down, and back up to perch on my shoulders like stresses will do. My mind had a new obsession. I finished my shower much quicker than I had hoped to, and called Jeffrey just to give him the heads up. If my water had broken, I would probably have to rush to the hospital. But I wasn't having any pains. So I had to watch. And all the peace and tranquility I was hoping for took one last look at me and left, laughing.

What had happened? The nearest I can figure is the baby jumped just right on my bladder and forced liquid out of my body, thus creating a sensation like broken waters. But really, I can just go down in the books as yet another pregnant woman who had the false alarm. The "I thought my water broke, but really I just peed my pants" story. And now I am open to mocking. For this time only. As I know that most pregnant women go through this, and I am not alone, and there are probably a million and a half stories similar yet worse than mine. I am just glad I wasn't standing in line at the grocery store. And I hope it doesn't happen again, because really, no warning at all.

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