Tragedy Strikes While Making Rolls

Rolls. It sounded delicious. I wanted some. I found a sweet recipe that was simple, didn't take much time and would go perfectly with dinner. I decided to make them.

And then I had a pregnant moment.

Yes, that is an egg in the can of powdered milk.

Oh how I miss my brain!


Lee said…
Poor Thing!! Soon that baby will come out and then your pregnant moments will turn into mommy moments!
Tiffany said…
so funny! just a little while longer and your brain (and body) will be yours once again!
I left my keys in the chinese restaurant today and didn't even remember taking them out of my purse. Nick had to go on a wild goose chase to find them so he could drive the car across the street to the birth center. I just walked, it was much faster. I felt like a total space case after he got there and told me what happened. Yeah, my brain is on vacation too. Turns out there isn't enough room for the baby and my brain anymore, so it moved out.
Emmy said…
Mmmm rolls do sound good.
Jenny said…
That's a good one!
Sue said…
That's the kind of thing I do without the excuse of being pregnant.

Em said…
Vic said…
At first glance I thought it was a big bowl. :) It's so amazing what happens to us while we're preggo. Your too funny♥
Stephanie Faris said…
I have moments like that and I'm NOT pregnant. At least you have an excuse!
Momisodes said…
Oh man. I feel your pain. Pregnancy brain is frightening at times.
oh how i miss mine too

damn kids
hi amy - i'm back! just getting around to respond to my comments from my black friday post where you wrote:

but I think one of my biggest annoyances would be the complete ignorance of Thanksgiving. People go from Halloween (a gimmie gimmie holiday) straight to Christmas (possibly the biggest gimmie gimmie holiday) with no thought of thankfulness in between.

I put up my tree three days after Halloween. I am one of your biggest annoyances.

For me personally, Christmas symbolizes the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, to the world. It fills me with life and love and hope and even thankfulness that God so loved the world, he sent his only son, to us, who didn't even deserve him.

That is what Christmas means to me and that is why I choose to celebrate for 2 months. Not because I get to go shopping at 4 am in the morning. Although that is a perk.

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