Remember the Red Revolution


Do you believe in it?

I do.

One of my Resolutions was to exploit my womanly charms and thereby my husband.

See, I like vintage.

Anything from 1920-1959. I just adore those times.

I love the bold lipstick they wear.

So I decided I would wear red lipstick more often.

And wouldn't you know, when I wear it, I get whatever I want.

Last week I put it on right before I left to pick Jeffrey up from the bus stop. He got in the car, looked at me, and then announced we would not be going home. I would not be cooking dinner that night. My man was going to treat me to anything I wanted on the dollar menu at Burger King. Anything I wanted.

And that is how it goes. The red lipstick still works its magic for me. But I don't exploit. That would be wrong. :)


Chantel said…
Funny! Brian likes when I wear lipstck, too but I've found it just ends up on the kids heads because I forget I'm wearing it and give them kisses. We're dollar menu people as well but Brian likes McDonald's. We also frequently hit the Mongolian Grill by the Mall. You can pile the bowl as high as it'll fit. Brian will go get it as take out (they don't let you share meals anymore for dine-in) and it'll feed us both for like 3 meals. There's that much. You'll have to try it (if you haven't)
Lee said…
LOL!! Love the red lips!
tinahead81 said…
lmao! i just may have to try that...i'm kinda ini the mood for a cheeseburger! tee hee!
Every couple has their own thing I guess. I don't think red lipstick would work on Nick. If I want to get my way, I clean the house or buy him some IBC or Oreos. Okay, I admit it- I usually get whatever I want anyway. Except I couldn't get him to help me do the dishes today. Boo hoo. ;(
Emmy said…
Awesome! I will have to try it.
We are all about the dollar menu.
Em said…
glad to see you're still on board;-)
Familia Morales said…
Really?! Cool trick! I wish that would work with Pedro, he just says I look nice and then stays far away from me...kind of like if he gets too close he'll have bright red lips too! Ha! I'll need to figure out a trick for my jaunts out to the dollar menu :)
Tiffany said…
that's really cute! i love vintage too...the red lips, heels and cinched waist. gorgeous!

(i say all that as i sit here in a fleece pullover and yoga pants...geez!)
Gail said…
So loving the red lippy!
Sue said…
Boy, you and Em. The red lipstick girls.


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