The Reign of Betty Prevails

My subconscious is getting louder.

And Sophie has officially moved out. Betty has set up permanent residence.

I am settling down for the long haul. This baby isn't going anywhere for a while.

She does need to come soon, but that is another story for another day.

As I tread water in this whirlpool I call life, and the laundry and dishes pile up over top of me, I find short cuts.

This is what we had for dinner last night.

Don't judge. It has been a hard week.

But its okay. I get to see this every day, which makes it all worth it.


Bec said…
Betty is in charge over here too! Although she does let me bake cookies, as long as I promise not to wash any more dishes than absolutely necessary!
Vic said…
Haha....I know we had crap for dinner last night...still not feeling so hot! What r ya gonna do. When you don't feel good or just don't feel like making anything you just throw whatever comes atcha . He's such a doll:)
Emmy said…
My sister-in-law often has breakfast for dinner, the love cereal at her house...

but the potatoes with it? Yeah, you are definitely pregnant. :)
Tiffany said…
no judgment here...we had something similar for dinner this week and i'm not even pregnant!

cute little faces do make it better though!
Lee said…
hey, that's the dinner of champions!!
tinahead81 said…
no judgement here! lol mmm, i love those idahoan potatoes!
this has been a pretty sucky week so far. so down in the dumps, can't get myself out of it. those little smiles do make it better though, i have to agree!
Chantel said…
We eat cereal a lot around here because Alicey will actually eat it and Brian's always on some crazy diet so he cooks his own food and I'd just as soon eat cereal with Alicey then dirty another dish. Oh to have a dish washer. And any time you want help with couponing come on over. I'm happy to help. It's a lot harder since Albertson's was sold, though. They had the best deals!!
Sue said…
Hey, at least you HAD dinner, right?

* { Shannon } * said…
My Thomas has that sleeper too! Costco? :)
Lara said…
No judging here. If I had my druthers that would be dinner every night. Maybe that's why my husband has taken over the cooking.

You rest up!
Jenny said…
Wow, Betty sure gets around. She visits me quite often. She's been here all week actually. So I'm confused...are you being induced tomorrow? I'll pray that it goes well for you!

Take care and congrats in advance!
Widge said…
what a cute wee guy!!! all the best for your up and coming arrival..
no judge at all on the dinner! cereal is a life saver!
Em said…
agh, i hate the end!!! just imagine that if i had a floating baby counter on my sidebar it would say something like 92 days, instead of your 6!!!
for dinner last night we had - um i can't even remember but pretty sure it was oh yeah lasagna out of a box which my son said HAD NO TASTE

oh well
Kaibee said…
Everyone has bad days! And yeah, a cute smile can change it all. You know, it had been a long time since I last visited your blog and yesterday, I was wondering if your baby was out yet. I guess, not. Well someday she will and that would be worth everything you are going through!!

:) Always be happy, 'cos worse things could have happened!! :)

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