Man Cold

I swallowed nails Saturday morning.

The swallowing is what woke me up.

A cold was coming on. I hate colds.

I mentioned the fact to Jeffrey.

He shrugged it off.

Yesterday he informed me he is coming down with a cold. It went something like this:


Michelle said…
LOL. Strep throat. Like swallowing razor blades.
Momisodes said…
OMG. Isn't that the truth.
Andrea said…
Ha ha ha! That is so true. :)
Emmy said…
Lol! That is too too funny!
Cecilia said…
that is so true! haha. Like many other things, this is one that I've begun to mimick my hubby on. I figure if he can wallow around, so can I, right?
Familia Morales said…
Ha! But sadly in our case, I'm the wuss hen it comes to being sick
Ha ha that was a funny video. I always seem to get sick whenever I visit Utah. It's like there is a constant virus floating around my parents house or something. But as long as I stay in Texas I seem to be fit as a fiddle! It is crazy!
hahahahaha Thank you I needed that today! We've had something at our house too. Hope you get feeling better soon and the baby comes too.

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