Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keith's Prediction

Keith is warming up to the fact he is going to have a little sister.

Sunday my sister in law gave me some baby clothes. She has two girls, so she had lots to share. As I was sorting through them that night, Keith patted the pile of clothes and said "Baby sister's!" with no prompting from either of us.

He has begun to watch babies more closely whether they be on a cartoon or a doll or real.

During lunch today Keith rubbed my tummy and looked up at me with his huge blue eyes. He had a smudge of dirt on his nose which made his eyes look bluer and larger.

"Baby coming, Mommy. Baby coming." He told me.

And I can't help but wonder what he means by that. Does he mean today? I know she is coming soon. But could he possibly know when she will join us? After all he said it so earnestly, and little children are known to be more in tune with the spiritual things.

Keith's prediction: "Baby coming."

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