Friday, November 13, 2009

Heartbreak at the Museum

We have been taking Keith out more ofen. To museums and what not. Wednesday we went to the Dinosaur park where he was only a little afraid. Yesterday we went to the Children's Museum, and today, if all goes well with his nap, we will be going to the nature center.

But yesterday my sweet little darling gave me a very bitter pill to swallow, and I am determined to find a remedy.

He was playing in the room with legos. Lots and lots of legos = hours of fun for my little guy. While up there another little girl was playing. She was adorable! I just wanted to kiss her cute little cheeks and cuddle her, but refrained myself because her mother would probably think I was a whack job. At any rate, she wanted to play with Keith, but eveytime she came near him he would run to me and hide behind my back.

I was so disappointed and sad every time this happened. I encouraged him to play with her, but he refused. Each refusal hurt me a little more. I was mortified of what her mother must think. See, I don't think Keith has ever seen a dark skinned little girl (or boy) before. I have to say, I am not prejudice, nor do I tolerate prejudisim. I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood and had neighbors from all over surrounding my house. Korea, Hawaii, China, Philipines, Mexico, etc. All over the world. Some of my best friends were from elsewhere. My mother was wonderful in helping us understand everyone is wonderful and there is no need to ever treat someone differently because of how they look. Color, capabilities, and intelegence do not dictate how you treat someone. Ever.

And so I saddly watched as the sweet little girl's mother watched my son run from her daughter because she looked different. She then scooped up her daughter and took her to a different part of the museum to play, a place where little boys wouldn't run away from her frightened becuase she was different.

I refuse to let my son be prejudiced. It is not right, and he will miss out on many wonderful friendships if he thinks that is the way life should be lived. I just have to figure out a place that will have children of all backgrounds so he can see them and not be afraid.

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