Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fate's Cruel Sense of Humor

Never tempt Fate. She always wins and has a wicked sense of humor. Trust me, I learned first hand yesterday and today.

It all started with an innocent trip to the grocery store. I was there a loooong time. There was a language barrier problem in the line in front of me and I feel very blessed to have been able to help out a little. However, as I was leaving the grocery store, I felt a little wet in my pants. I knew every eye was on me as I exited the grocery store. I just knew it. I could feel the eyes burning into me, accusing me of zero bladder control which was not the case at all. I rushed out to my car with cheeks burning, very conscious of the cool breeze I was feeling in the nether-regions. There was no soak through, but I didn't know that, all I knew was that it was wet where it shouldn't be. I rushed home and ran straight to the bathroom to investigate.

What I found was a little weird to me. As there is already way too much information, I will skimp on the details but needless to say, I called my midwife's office. I was told it is very normal for a little bit of leakage of amniotic fluid and to not worry about it as there had been so little. However, if there was more I needed to go into L&D.

This morning I had an appointment with Christy (my midwife) who was a little annoyed with her staff when she heard what they had told me. She said if there is any sort of leaking I need to get in as soon as possible and get that baby delivered. She did some sort of test for amniotic fluid, it came back positive. So she sent me to L&D where they did another test and told me if it came back positive I would be going home with a baby.

Oh the anticipation!

I waited for an hour and a half to hear them tell me to go home. It was just a false alarm.

As I left the wonderful nurse in L&D waved and said "See you sometime next week!"

Fate. She is a cruel mistress.

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