Can I be honest? I feel like a big fat failure today. I got n.o.t.h.i.n.g done. Nada. I visited with some friends for a bit (a long bit), friends I haven't spoken with for a while. Keith got a lot of movies watched, and the two of us ate a lot of chocolate chips and cheese sticks. Faye wanted to eat all. day. long. so she got held most of the day...

But the house. Oh my poor house! I honestly cannot remember the last time it was clean. After having a race car toddler bed in the living room for three weeks, we finally got it switched out with his other toddler bed which was on loan. Now our bed is in the living room waiting to be switched out witth the futon we have been using... long story, don't ask... buut we can't find the right tool to disassemble the futon, so there may be a large bed propped up in the living room for some time. There is no excuse for the kitchen. I just got busy with other things. Keith's room is full of Faye clothes, and needs to be rearranged to fit his bed so it doesn't block any vents. Faye's clothes have been dominating the laundry for some time now so the rest of ours is backed up...

And while all of this is hanging over my head... I ignore it because I don't want to confront it. I can't pull out the Christmas decor until the house is clean, yet I mope because I haven't gotten into the Christmas Spirit yet...

And so, today I feel like junk because I was so un'productive. But tomorrow? Things will be different! I am going to bed now so I can get up early and tackle my messy demons and invite Christmas to spend a couple of weeks at our house.

And since I made that announcement, I have to do it.

P.S. I just read Stephanie's post at Diapers and Divinity and it was the equavilent of eating a large piping hot piece of humble pie. Such inspiration, and exactly what I needed to hear today to put things into perspective


Vic said…
Your a Mom....we can do these things. Even though everyone else thinks we have to be on top of it all. We deserve to let things pile up, leave dirty dishes in the sink, and have dust on the furniture. You just had a need ur rest. Rest up Mama....take a break!:)
Noodle said…
My house is a mess too cause we are remodling and with the kitchen torn apart I have no ambition to clean the rest...But I want to set up my tree so I need to get off my bum and finish painting so I can put my house back together... Oh darn the house will have to wait I have to finish Allison's bonett frist her blessing is in 6days...
Oh Amy you missed the memo. Housework is on hiatus for at least the first 3 months of a new babies life! Seriously Forgidaboudit!
Sue said…
I agree...Relax. You're in the first three months phase. There are no rules!


Just hack away at the mess as best you can and then let it go. Enjoy the holidays. Life will be back to "normal" before you know it.


PS. No feeling guilty if you spent the day taking care of your baby!!
mub said…
You do realize you just pushed a CHILD out of yourself, right? I'm pretty sure you're excused. As for me and my messes? Well... yah *L*
Lee said… just had a BABY!! Give yourself a break!
Lee said… just had a BABY!! Give yourself a break!
Emmy said…
Good for you! You can do it.
And don't worry like Lee said, you just had a baby!
You make me feel good that we already put up our decorations. That doesn't mean that things stay clean, but then again I don't have a toddler to mess things up yet. Good luck!
My husband gave me a big wake-up call one day last week when I was feeling just like you were. He said, "Wow, a pretty productive day today, huh? You make pies, we did FHE, and you took the kids to do some service," and suddenly I realized I DID get something done... it just wasn't the stuff on my "list." And lots of time the stuff that matters most won't be.
Catmull's said…
Seriously? Who cares if you sniff and wear clothes out of the laundry (don't lie you have all done it). Or eat lunch off paper towels cause there are no clean dishes.
I love raising my kid. And if anyone has other thoughts on my sometimes messy house I feel bad for them that they are too busy cleaning to crawl on the floor and build forts.
Kids grow too fast. I surely don't want to miss it cause I was too busy trying to impress others with my superb house cleaning skills. I'd rather enjoy the love while they are handing it out.
Gail said…
I'd say that catching up with friends for a long bit is getting something really important done!

Don't beat yourself up - I'm about to make dinner (it's 5pm here) and the beds still haven't been made! It's all good!

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