You Say It's Your Birthday!

When I was in junior high I ate, slept and breathed The Beatles. Seriously. Everything referred my conversation to a Beatles song.


Even when talking about birthdays.

Which means this month the Beatles Birthday song is basically stuck in my head for the full 31 days. There are that many birthdays.

Though there are many birthdays, The most important one to me is Keith's. I have done all sorts of posts for Keith because lets be honest, he is so stinkin' wonderful it would be a shame to not talk about him so much. But now, today, it is time to do a post about me.


Because it is my day.

This month is also when I started this little blog. In celebration I am getting a new background.

I love my old one, especially the bird. It just made me smile! But I ran into so many problems with the html that I decided it was time to get a new more compatible background. I found this one from Template Mama and though I like it, it isn't my favorite. I am still in search of the perfect background. Honestly, I wish I could figure out what the problem was with the other but both my computer genius hubby and I poured over the html and neither of us could find the glitch, so that is that.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Tisha said…
Happy Birthday!
Lee said…
I LOVE your new look! Happy Birthday blog!!
Happy Birthday! And cute new background!
Em said…
loving your new background. all of the fall colors are so beaut! happy birthday. all moments in life in our family are marked by the beatles. every birthday that was the song we listened to as the presents were being opened. on christmas we weren't allowed to go in to see the loot santa had brought without "simply having" by paul playing on the stereo. i have since forced such traditions on my own brood;-)
Lisa Anne said…
Happy Birthday. I like this one. I liked the bird on too though. I think your nav bar is off though. It's being cut off by your header. I'm not sure if you meant for that to happen. I think you did cause these bounce up whtn you put your mouse over them. So cool. LOL I just figured out the nav bar thing. Mine's very basic as you can tell.

Anyway I like this one.

Happy Birthday!
Familia Morales said…
So...where's the post about you? I remember your Beatles days, how fun! Have a fabulous birthday!
Chantel said…
Happy B-day! I like your new background!! I really enjoy reading your blog and frequent updates!
Noodle said…
Happy Hapy Birthday Amy dear... I have that song stuck in my head Oct is abusy months for b-days for us to... Well just two weeks in Oct but hey I love b-day cake so bring on the joy of celebrating!!!
Hope all you b-day wishes come true =)
Tawni said…
Happy birthday! I hope you guys have a great day!
Momisodes said…
I like the new look! Happy Birthday :)
warmchocmilk said…
I like the new look. Conrats on your blogging birthday! I hope I get there. I just started mine in August.
Stephanie Faris said…

Okay, clarify for me. It's "You say it's your birthday, well happy birthday to ya" right? My boyfriend says it's "You say it's your birthday, well it's my birthday too" but I think that was the version of it Anthony Michael Hall sang in Sixteen Candles.
Sheryl said…
Happy Birthday Amy!! :) Hope it's a great one!
Leah said…
Happy Birthday Amy! We missed you last week. Plan on this thursday if you can!
Malinda said…
Taren said…
I like the background! It's cute! I clicked over here, and thought "ooh la la!" Can you teach me how to do two columns and the posts in the middle? I'm html-handicapped!!! and i would love to be able to do that.
What a great celebration! Happy Birthday :)

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