Monday, October 12, 2009

The Word of the Day

"Mommy, cuddle."

Everywhere I went I heard those words echoing my footsteps. I tried to clean the kitchen but tripped over them. I tried to make my bed and there they were, imploring me from the pillow with those large blue eyes. I tried to fold clothes and found little arms around my neck impeding me from reaching my piles of clothes.

"Mommy, cuddle on pillow." I had to give in. One can only withstand the feverish imploring for so long.

Keith was a furnace yesterday, and it was up to me to keep him stocked with love and all my attention in order to get him well.

Food wasn't appealing to him. Insomuch that when he did eat the stomach reversal kicked in. Luckily he wasn't much scared by the process as he has seen me offering up sacrifice to the porcelain gods many a time. When I caught him giving me the warning look, we rushed into the bathroom and he knew exactly what to do. He leaned over that toilet and spit.

I am so glad I had decided to give my undivided attention to him yesterday.

Because it paid off. He is better today. His fever is gone, and he is a million times happier. In fact, the words of the day are "Mommy, stay there." Sigh. Isn't there something in between?

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