Friday, October 9, 2009

Why do you blog?

I have seen re-defining blog posts popping up all over the place.

People who feel like they are in a blog funk so they re-direct the aim of their blog.

I have to say, I will never do that.

As much as I love all the love and support from all of you, I do not write for you.

I write for Keith. And my little baby. I write for my family.

I came from a family of seven kids. My mother was always so frazzled trying to keep us from killing each other, and when I ask her questions or for stories of my childhood, she generally can't remember specifics and often confuses me with my other siblings.

I want my children to know what they were like when they were little. I want them to have something tangible that tells them how much we love them and how much happiness they bring to our lives.

So I keep a record of it here.

Now, I may be accused of depicting a life of flowers and rainbows. A completely unrealistic and perfect life, but that isn't the case. I don't often write about the bad days or the frustrations because of an analogy I learned once.

In every person there are two wolves. The good and the bad. These two wolves are in a constant state of battle and who lives is up to me. I can only feed one at a time and while I feed the one I starve the other. I want to feed the happy wolf and starve the bad. I don't believe in airing my dirty laundry for all to see. The quabbles and disagreements that come up in every day life are not for others to pour over and analyze. The imperfections of my family are for us alone to work through. I think by keeping the good public and the bad private it will help to strengthen my family.

I know my writing has suffered a lot lately, regardless of that, I am going to continue to post, because Keith continues to be adorable and Jeffrey to be wonderful, and my life is absolutely perfect for me, and I want to always remember these times. Just bear with me and hopefully my writing skills will improve. :)

The funniest part is I got into a funk right after I heard a radio program on how to improve your writing skills. Go figure. :)

Oh and good news, I finally found the converter for my SD card, so pictures will be coming again soon! :) What a wonderful day this has been.

So out of curiosity, why do you blog? Is it for the adult conversation, a place to get your feelings out, meeting and making new friends? What is your motivation?

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