What's Not For Dinner

"Spare ribs!"

I couldn't figure out for the life of me what he was talking about. Keith has been saying "spare ribs" for a few days now.

We don't eat spare ribs. I don't think Keith has ever even heard that word before.

And then I got it.



Remind me not to come over if you ever do have "spare ribs" for dinner, then!!


(visiting from SITS)

Have a great weekend!

- Margaret
Momisodes said…
LOL! That is too cute :)

Now I totally want some spare ribs.
Veronica said…
That is incredibly cute!!!!!
To funny :)
Noodle said…
love it... Sammy has increased her vocab by like 10 times in the last few weeks.. I'm having trouble keeping up with her... But I figured out she likes to say just the first slyable of the word... Jacket is jack pumkin is punk... Allison is Al... She still calls spiders bugs... Every moring she has to check the bath tub for her bug... this age is so cute when there not trowing tantrums...
Kaibee said…
Awww! I loove the baby-talk thing! It is so amusing I could sit down in a nursery and listen to it all day long! Gosh, it's nice to have a baby around. Here at my place everyone is grown up and the youngest family member is 10.
I wish I had a cute baby sister, not a boy 'cos I already have two brothers and they are enough to drive me crazy!! :)
Stephanie Faris said…
Oooh...big difference there!
Bec said…
Oh! Kids say the darnedest things! Fun story to document!
Em said…
haha, so funny! do you read the "froggy" books to keith? have i told you about them before? i used to love reading them to my class when i was teaching. they have great patterns throughout the stories. they always mention how froggy a batch of flies. in the halloween one his mom passes out choc covered FLIES. so cute. your post reminded me of those books. i bet keith would get a kick out of them.
Tiffany said…
that's so cute! I think we have a 'Oh! That's what she's saying!' moment with my daughter (2) just about every day. It's funny how their little brains work.
bj said…
Just coming by from SITS to wish you a blessed and fun Sunday..
xo bj

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