Monday, October 26, 2009

Wanna play a game? Just wait

Yesterday was the perfect day for a walk.
The sky was that incredible deep blue that only comes out in October.
The sun made everything slightly glow.
The breeze was just what it should be.
Jeffrey was so handsome with his slightly unshaven face.
And Keith was just adorable talking throughout the whole walk.

While walking I am pretty certain I felt the baby drop.
It was a very weird sensation.

Saturday I dug out an old dresser from the storage room and assessed it.
Not even a dresser really, more of a night stand with drawers.
A hideous dark brown.
Too ugly for my kids' room.
So I pulled out the paint that is being saved for the bathroom and went to town.
It is now a very light yellow and looks wonderful!
It just matches the curtains in their room.
I am going to do a little distressing on the edges and get new knobs before I post pictures.
But it is wonderful to finally have a dresser in that room!
Keith has been using the closet and some tupperware bins.
I know.
But it worked for him.
Now that he has to share his closet, we needed to upgrade.
I can't wait to get it all done, and the toy chest painted the same color.
What a fun yellow room it will be!
Full of sunshine and cars.
The baby will love it.
Keith sure does.

No news of when she will come yet.
But I guess as they say "No news is good news."
So we continue to play the waiting game.
Not my favorite.
I hate waiting for things.
Especially when I don't know exactly when they are coming.
Even then it is hard for me.
Sigh. Such is life, I guess.

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