Thrice in As Many Years

I had a startling realization last night.

I have been married nearly three years.

I have had three birthdays while married

I have been pregnant on nearly all my birthdays.

I am pregnant now and wont have this one until after my birthday.

Last year I was pregnant, but miscarried.

And the year before that? The first birthday of our marriage?

My first birthday I was supposed to still be pregnant, but you know what? My curious little darling wanted to see the world so much he just decided to come two and a half weeks early. And then I got to bring him home from the hospital on my birthday. That was a very special birthday for me. I will always remember it and treasure it.

But this isn't about me. This is about Keith. Because he decided to greet the world two years ago today.

I would write a long heart-felt post for him, but really, I think I did that last year, and I just want to spend all day with him, so I am going to pass on that this year. It can be an every other year tradition.

This is what is on the list for today:

Pumpkin pancakes. The Children's Museum. Make his cake (a train). Nap time (for the both of us). The duck park. Make dinner (probably pizza though we had that last night). Squish Daddy time. Eat dinner. Open presents. Eat cupcakes. Bed.

That is the plan anyways. We know how often the day goes as planned, but I am hoping to make it an absolutely perfect day for him. You only turn two once, you know. And this is his last alone birthday so we have to make it special and perfect for him.

Happy Birthday my Darling boy!

P.S. Did you know we call Keith The Boss because he really can be the boss of our home? Did you know that today is Boss' Day? Crazy coincidence!


I wonder if you will be pregnant on your next birthday too! Hope your day is great! Those pumpkin pancakes sound delish!
mub said…
I can't believe he's already two! Happy Birthday to him =D
Em said… what an ADORABLE baby!!! his face is so precious!
Noodle said…
I need to figure out what to do for Sammy's birthday.... You day with Keith sounds awasome!!
Momisodes said…
He is so adorable. I don't blame you for writing a long, drawn out post. I skipped it this year too with my daughter. Glad to hear you spending the day with him :)

Happy Birthday!
Malinda said…
Seriously! You've been prego for every birthday! That blows my freaking mind! But I do love that you found time to schedule of my favorite birthday things to do!!
Familia Morales said…
Happy Birthday to Keith!
Ms Bibi said…
What a cutie...he's adorable.

Happy Birthday , Keith.

Enjoy your day with your baby on his special day.
Widge said…
Happy Birthday to your darling boy :)

I love how you have linked up all your birthdays and anniversarys. I think like that all the time. (husband thinks I'm weird. I figured out that I have been pregnant for many "ages" of my life.
Lisa Anne said…
Look at those big BLUE eyes. Adorable!
Lisa Anne said…
That is a lot of 3's and a lot of being pregnant.
Megan said…
Adorable! Happy Birthday to your little man!!

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!! =)

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