Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Take Out with Bob the Builder

Thank you all for your many well wishes. I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you.

This is why my day was so wonderful:

It rained today. Keith and I got to go for a walk with the rain mist washing our faces as the wind tugged around our wrappings. I wore my shawl as I wear it any time I can. I just love it, and no one wears shawls anymore! It was fun feeling the wind tugging at the shawl, trying to get it loose. Keith just liked running through the rain.

One of my favorite things today were the flower beds. There were little purple pansies peeking through vibrant red leaves that had fallen into the flower beds on our walk. I wished with all my heart I had brought my camera, but that would have been uncharacteristic. I am usually unprepared for everything. But oh, how I wish I had a picture of that.

Pregnancy can do weird things to you. I normally hate Chinese food. It is most definitely near the bottom of foods I eat list. I don't know what it is, I just never crave or want it. But all day today I wanted some. Jeffrey let me have some, of course. He is good at spoiling me like that. It was nice to not have to cook dinner, even though I had a killer menu planned out for tonight. Really, though, I take not cooking over cooking something very yummy. Just because I hate to have to clean up the mess afterward. So I picked Jeffrey up from the bus stop and we went to Hollywood Video. They called me earlier today and told me I get a free rental. Just because they appreciate me, and it is my special day. So we decided to get a foreign film of the oriental persuasion (Japanese, Korean, Chinese... they all sound pretty similar to me, and I am not picky) and watch it while eating our dinner. We then went to Smith's and got our food. See, the Smith's by my house has a small Chinese counter when you first walk in. It is just in the entryway of the store. And it is incredibly reasonably priced. I was actually shocked by the price! Also, I wanted the official take out boxes and not the typical box that restaurants send you home with. We based our criteria on where we could get a box. Really though, what lame Chinese restaurant gives you take out in a leftovers box? We want American-Chinese authenticity, darn it!

We got some food and went home to watch our movie. The food was incredible! I am actually shocked that the cheap grocery store fast food restaurant was so good. It quite possibly has made it onto my list of foods I like! And the movie? It is supposed to be a comedy. I say supposed to be because we haven't watched it yet. It was too hard to focus on eating with the chopsticks, getting Keith to eat anything besides the sweet and sour sauce, and read the subtitles all at the same time. So we switched it out for Bob the Builder which we had also rented. I think we have made a new fan. I mean, come on. Talking construction machinery? How can a little boy not love that?

Sadly, I had to leave half way through dinner and didn't get home until late. But when I did, I saw that some blessed Phantom had been to visit. I hadn't made a cake or pie for myself since we had so much on Keith's birthday. Now, though, we have cupcakes. Some lovely soul knew that we needed some cake to celebrate and left us a whole plate full! Keith will be so excited when he wakes up and sees the Halloween cupcakes. Thank you Halloween Phantom!

And now, for the part you have all been waiting for. Our fortune cookie fortunes:

Keith: From now on, your kindness will lead you to success
Starting now? Keith's kindness already helps him be successful with milking anything he wants from his grandparents. I tell you what, that kid is a con artist!

Jeffrey: You will do better in real estate than in stocks
Because the real estate market is going so well right now.

Amy: Reaffirm your faith in financial plans- make a budget
What? Do they know me? That is my weakness, making and sticking to a budget.

The funniest part is they are all pretty accurate. Except for Jeffrey's. And Keith's. But aside from theirs, the fortunes were dead on! Who would have thought a fortune cookie could be so accurate?

Thanks for a wonderful day everyone!

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