Monday, October 26, 2009

The rush of the fall

The sky was the color of my blueberry stained fingers and dotted with whip cream clouds. I lifted my head as the blueberry dream fell away and the ground came rushing up to meet me. The fire tipped leaves surrounded and caught me. Falling into the leaf pile was a delight I never tired of. I got up and did it like it was my last time ever. With gusto. I made leaf angels in the over sized pile surveyed the imprint my body had left. Again and again I threw back my head and fell into the soft arms as if I were a tree being felled. I squirmed off the branch that was poking my back and dodged the leaves came raining down over me.

"Amy! Get out of my leaf pile!"

I tried to hide underneath the leaves hoping my dad wouldn't see me. But he did. He pulled me out, dusted the leaves out of my hair and handed me a large bag.

"Hurry it up, its getting dark."

Childhood and fall are best friends.

Emily described it as a delicacy. I think she is onto something there.

And so, with the weatherman predicting *snow* tonight, we grabbed our jackets and went out to partake of the bounty of fall. Keith to play in it, and me to clean it up like a responsible adult.

However, I was only able to get half of the yard raked up before I inevitably was forced to retire my plans. As soon as I had a pile made, it was delightfully destroyed. And I couldn't say anything because visions of the seven year old me came back. The joy of being engulfed in a bed of leaves was too strong. I succumbed to the delights of childhood with Keith as my guide and together we played in that pile of leaves.

And tomorrow if there is enough, we will play in the snow!


Emmy said...

Oh so jealous. That looks wonderfully fun. And good for you for enjoying the moment while you can.

Em said...

such great pics:-) we were house bound today. brennan still has a hot hot fever:-( it was movies and choc milk for us. and lots of laundry for me, trying to keep the rest of us healthy. too bad he wasn't getting better this morning as i had hoped. i wish the leaves were more comfortable in reality. they always look so comfy to lay on, but then i do and i think, "ouch, what's poking me? what's crawling on me?";-)

Debbie said...

Few things are a fun as a pile of leaves and a giggling child.

Lisa Anne said...

Such wonderful photos. Makes me wish I had ahuge leaf pile to roll around in. I'm a big kid at heart. I might be on the search for a leaf pile. Do you think if you saw me rolling around in your front yard, I was crazy?? Oh I don't care, it'd totally be worth it!

mub said...

I love this post =D That last picture is just fab!

Erin said...

Oh how fun! It looks like you had a great time.

Lara said...

That's the best attitude to have! And if you want to actually rake, you have to do it when the kids aren't around. :)