Random Musings on Mothering

I get to teach the Young Women of my ward. I love that opportunity, and I love all the things I learn from them. As I was preparing my lesson for Sunday (which I didn't end up teaching... long story) I had some very deep thoughts. And through those things I learned and I made a decision.

Childhood is precious. It is fleeting. If you blink, you miss years. I feel like I have already missed two years of my son's life. Really. Keith turns two on Friday. He was just born yesterday!


He is carrying on conversations with us and his robots. He is my little man, no longer my baby boy. I sure am going to miss all the one on one time I have with Keith. I wonder if he knows that time is coming to an end. I have found myself cherishing every moment with him.

Silly moments.

Racing up the stairs, cuddling on the couch reading silly books over and over and over, going for walks in the park, chasing ducks, eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I cherish the sticky hands that are thrust in my face, demanding I clean them. The insistence that I sit on the floor and play with the legos or cars. The plea for a treat or cookies... there are so many things that I love and adore about that little guy!

In a last ditch effort to spoil my son and savor every moment I have alone with him, I decided he will no longer see me sitting behind a computer screen. I will only be on the computer when he is asleep. Nap time or bed time, is my time. Every other moment of the day is our time. Thus far, I am loving it. It has only been one morning and already I am so happy in his company.

I always said that blogging is so important to me because it helps me feel like I am connected with the world, it helps me have adult conversations and not feel so isolated. And now I see it was just a cover up. Who knew the company of a two year old could be so stimulating? I sure didn't!

I can't wait for him to wake up so we can play together some more! I only wish I had found this joy two years ago! Luckily I discovered it early on, and hopefully he will only have memories of us playing together, and not memories of my computer. Wish me luck!


Lee said…
Good for you!! He is a very lucky kid!
Cecilia said…
Good for you. Keith will be delighted. I'm amazed you got away with it while he was awake in the first place. Bella has effectively prevented me from using the computer in her waking hours since she was 5 months old. She began by pulling herself up and chewing on my leg/ bum until I put her on my lap. Then she proceeded to bang on the keyboard or climb onto the desk until I decided to quit. It took me a few weeks to decide the struggle wasn't worth it, but she definitely won that battle.
Lisa Anne said…
I know they grow up so freakin fast. I'm loving age 9, where I can hold real life impotant conversations with my son. Cherish all the moments.
valentine said…
i am not a parent, but i have spent the last couple of years telling myself that when the time comes, i will enjoy it! i'm sure i won't, but its a nice thought LOL

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