Friday, October 23, 2009

MIA in other words NOT READY

I know, I know. I have been MIA for a few days.

Life has been crazy busy, especially with the birthdays.

Yesterday was my Daddy's birthday. He is such a wonderful man, and I love him so much. Always an example to me.

And now for the big news.

On Tuesday my little darling decided to give me a birthday surprise.

Remember how it was a beautiful day? And remember how I had to leave in the middle of dinner for a few hours? Here's why:

All during the day I had been having mild cramps. Nothing to worry about, right? Perfectly normal, especially since they weren't painful. Just mildly annoying.

However, since I didn't have any pain until my doctor broke my water when I was pregnant with Keith, and I had no pain when I miscarried, I thought I should call my midwife.

Looking at my past history she decided it would be best if I went in to get checked.

Jeffrey didn't think it was really anything to worry about, so just I went in, and he stayed home to put Keith to bed.

I got to Labor and Delivery and they hooked me up to the fun monitors. And I got to be the subject of a little peep show. You know, checking the cervix every little bit and all.

And the news: I have already started to dilate. I was at 1 centimeter. While that may not sound like much, keep in mind I am not due until the end of November. I had already effaced to 50%. After keeping me there for two and a half hours they let me go home because the dilation had not changed at all.

They told me to take it easy, and wait until my appointment today. Which I did. And I found out I will most likely have this baby early.

I am nearly at 4 centimeters now, and 75% effaced. She is measuring at 6 pounds.

As I was leaving the hospital, the panic set in.

I am supposed to have lots of time left! A month at the very least. I am not ready to have this baby yet. I don't have her clothes washed, or her dresser painted, or even the bassinet yet. I haven't gotten much on my baby list done yet.

Sunday I was very stressed and in order to calm my mind enough to sleep I had to make a list of the things I want to get done before she is born. The list is long and daunting. But it shouldn't be a problem, right? I still have a month left, right? Not according to this little darling. She is wanting to grace us with her presence now.

And the stress has left me eating half a package of Cool Mint Oreos by myself. Somebody stop me!

In other news, my sister in law is due a week before me. She had her baby last night.

As I said, this month is the month of birthdays. I am just wondering if this one is going to let us wait until November, or if we are going to have yet another birthday in October.

That said, I should be better about keeping updated... but if I am MIA for a long while again, you may know the reason why.

P.S. Thank you SO much Stephanie! You rock! She gave me an award, and I am so honored! She is one of the Big time Bloggers and so for her to take notice of me is truly sweet! In order to share the love, I am passing this on to a few new (to me) bloggers I just met:
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Thanks to everyone for listening to my rantings about how wonderful my family is!

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