I get whatever I want

Jeffrey and his friend Al were talking the other day.

Al is a little weird, but they are tight none the less.

As they were talking dating in this economy came up. My cute husband told his friends of the undying devotion he has for me and how he still can give me whatever I want.

So Al wrote a song about it.

It is basically word for word what I hear from Jeffrey every day. No alterations were needed!

He is that romantic and wonderful.


Stephanie Faris said…
OMG I love it! Al is the best. I hadn't heard that one.
Kaibee said…
Awww!!! I couldn't listen to the song 'cos my stupid speakers aren't working but I am all awww on the whole thing!

I hope you two always remain together and as happy as you can ever be!! :) You two are meant for the 'happily ever after' land!! :)
Emmy said…
Love it! I think that might have to become my new theme song... well maybe I want it to be Eric's new theme song.
Familia Morales said…
Funny! I don't know if I could ever eat more Ramen--I think I ate that everyday in college. Blech!
Bec said…
*giggle*! Cute!
Noodle said…
how funny sounds like my hubby too!
I didn't realize that Weird Al was still at it! That's a really funny song. I'm glad you shared.
Lee said…
How do I get me one of those??
Tiffany said…
that's freakin' awesome--'when i buy you toilet paper you can always have the two ply.' ha!
Tiffany said…
that's freakin' awesome--'when i buy you toilet paper you can always have the two ply.' ha!
Momisodes said…
ROFL! That is hilarious. I am forwarding this song to my hubby ;)
Em said…

when i was 38 weeks and still pregnant, still teaching, get the idea? anyway, i had a class of 25 2nd graders. if u know 2nd graders you know that not much gets by them, especially at the end of the school year when they are becoming 3rd graders. that's when 2nd graders become really fun, i might add. so my story. i would have to take off my shoes at some point during the day almost every day, breaking a school rule. i would tell them that when they were 9 mo pregnant they could do whatever they wanted too. it was a habbit of mine at that point to also take the kids down to lunch early and let them fend for themselves in the lunch line while i ran off to the bathroom for a potty break. one day the principal found them alone, and when he asked my head student that day where i was and why i wasn't with them she replied, "mrs. gibson is in the bathroom. when you're 9 mo. pregnant you can do whatever you want." the principal told me this story in the teachers lounge shortly after. we all had a really good laugh. that was an awesome principal b/c he said, "i guess she's right." loved him;-)

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