Cooler than the other side of the pillow

I thank you all for your well wishes that today would be better than yesterday was.

Wish harder!

Last night I was sleeping, as all sane people do at 3:00 am. Sane being the key word here. Evidently my son is not sane because he was up playing with his toys in the dark. And then he was yelling at his door.

"Mommy! I need you."

I kicked Jeffrey, hoping he would be the knight in shining armor and rescue my sleep by putting Keith back to bed.

I think the knight had the night off. He merely grunted.

Now a weird side effect of this pregnancy here is once I wake up, I can't fall asleep again. In fact, if I don't have a sleep aid I don't sleep at all. I prayed that wouldn't be the case, climbed over Jeffrey (none too gently) and opened Keith's door.

A flash of blue clad lightening shot from his room into mine. By the time I got my groggy bearings Keith was climbing into our bed. I didn't care. That was exactly where I wanted to be, so I joined them.

And then the kicking started.

When Keith sleeps in our bed, he sleeps vertically so one of us gets a head in our side, and the other gets a foot in the face. After about an hour and a half of his squirming I helped him back into bed before I went back to my own.

My head sank wearily on my pillow and my eyes popped open.

I fought so hard for the sleep that I desperately need. It didn't come. I tried to coax it by thinking light thoughts. I was a feather, I was a balloon floating in the breeze. And then the balloon popped.

So, I lay there for 3 hours until Jeffrey got up and left for work. I sprawled out across the bed and as soon as the front door closed, a wail went up from the bedroom. Keith was awake, and I had only gotten 4 measly hours of sleep.

I tried to get him to go back to sleep because it was still dark. So he took my hand, led me to my bed and firmly said "cuddle."

I gave up. We cuddled for about half an hour and then a drink was demanded and breakfast soon followed. I decided I would try for sleep again at nap time. Perhaps my body would be tired enough I would be able to nap today. I have only been able to nap once or twice this pregnancy, and I was sick on those days. But possibly today would be the rare exception.

And nap time finally came!

I put my head on my pillow, and waited....

and waited....

and waited...

sleep refused to come.

And then I remembered something.

When I was a child taking my naps I was always confused by the warm spot on the pillow. I would lay on my pillow for a minute or two and it was suddenly warm. So I would turn it over. And within in minutes sometimes as few as thirty seconds the warm spot was back. I wondered what it was. How did it find my head? Why did it always come? I couldn't sleep if my pillow was too hot... and as I pondered this I would lay my head on my arm and fall asleep scorning the warm spot on the pillow.

For some reason sleep is now as elusive to me as was the cold side of the pillow.

Maybe I could go as a Zombie for Halloween. No costume or makeup needed!


Lee said…
I'm sorry you didn't get to sleep or nap!! I'd say take a drink, but your preggers...I don't have an answer...kick Jeffrey harder next time.
* { Shannon } * said…
Insomnia is the worst! I hope you start sleeping soon... have you tried Unisom? I know that's safe to take while pregnant!
Familia Morales said…
Try earplugs and shoving that knight of yours until he falls off the bed. :)
Tisha said…
Keith is just making sure you get in the habit of being up all night once the new baby comes :) He's just thinking ahead, that's all.

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