Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Cake!

Religion is a very important part of our lives. As such, we believe daily prayer is fundamental and it is vital Keith understand the power and help it can give us. So we help him pray. Every day. Both in the morning and at night. We also want Keith to understand the importance of having a relationship with our Heavenly Father, so we have been helping him say his prayers since he was just a baby.

This past week he has finally started praying rather than just listening.

In his soft little voice he will repeat what I say

with his own variation.

His favorite variation lately has been when I tell him to say "Help me to have a good day"

he will repeat with

"Help me to have good cake (short pause and then shouted) Cake. Birthday Cake!"

I am not sure where he learned about birthday cake, but this boy sure is excited for his birthday next week!


Tawni said...

haha that's funny. Kids are so dang cute!

Lee said...

Well, he's starting to get the message. After all, I pray for birthday cake all the time!

Lisa Anne said...

So cute!!! What is the theme of his B-day? I'm a little behind with emails and visiting blogs. I'm going through a lot of changes. SHhhh I got a new job!! No one knows yet, I think I'm going to vomit today, I have to tell my current boss I'm quitting.

Lisa Anne said...

My computer crashed on me just wanted to make sure my comment went through

valentine said...

i agree, birthday cake always helps me have a good day.

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Uh oh, does that mean he is entering the "terrible twos"? I'm not a super experienced mom yet but from watching others it seems that those often start before the age of 2.

Familia Morales said...

Such a funny little guy! I just have to know...did you burst out laughing when he prayed for his birthday cake?