What makes me happy

I heeded the warning.

Dan Pope (you know, the weather guy) warned that yesterday would be one of the last nice days for a while and it would definitely be the last day to see the vibrant colors in the mountains. If any of you know me at all you should know that the colors of fall are the life blood for my soul. As summer drags on (I do love summer, it just is so long sometimes!) I need a little refresher. And then the leaves change. I jump into my car, fight through the construction obstacles and am finally rejuvenated.

Yesterday was the day. The fresh mountain air, the colors and the smells all sang to my spirit. I am invigorated now.

And we get to feast on the bounty of autumn. What could be better?

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Lee said…
Look at how cute you are with your little pregnant self! Love those pics!
Sheryl said…
Yeah! It was a lot of fun, thanks for taking me along! :)
valentine said…
just the other day we drove up in the mountains and they were so beautiful, all red and golden. glad we did it then, cuz now there is snow!
mub said…
Oh colorful mountains! So much prettier than hundreds of kilometers of flatness *L*

Dan Pope isn't very nice in real life =(
Aww man! I wish the trees would start changing here soon! Maybe in another month...
Em said…
love the changing leaves. the weather man on channel 5 taught me why they change colors too. so cool!

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