What Do You Get When...

What do you get when you mix a little boy full of curiosity with a tub full of water with an easily removable plug?

Answer: A tub drain that is all full of toys

which means no showering until it is fixed. Luckily our parents live quite close, so while Jeffrey does what he can to fix the problem with his extensive plumbing knowledge (hey, he beat Mario Brothers. Isn't that education enough?) we get to visit our parents' house often. Which the parents love.

And so ended our supposedly restful weekend.


Lee said…
Didn't you just have another drain problem?? Girl, you need some new pipes!!
Em said…
murphy is out to get you guys in the water department! did you leave the water running while you brushed your teeth or something???;-)
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I so get the 1940's thing. I love glassware, old Pyrex bowls, vintage aprons, tablecloths and the clothes the era. It will be fun getting to know you, my new friend. :-)
Lisa Anne said…
My son decided one day to flush theose really large baby friendly legos down the toilet. he broke the toilet, I had to buy a new one. Kids! lol
warmchocmilk said…
Cute site! Thaks for becomming a follower. I am going to return the favor. You are a funny gal!

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