We are not home right now so please leave a message after the BEEP

We are often accused of ignoring phone calls.
It isn't because we don't want to talk to you (well, sometimes), it is because we are still living in the stone age. I am rebuked often by my little sister who thinks we are crazy to be living so behind the times. See, we don't have cell phones. We only have one house phone. Our phone is attached to the wall by a cord in our back room, so we can't walk around while talking on the phone nor can we hear you if you call. Needless to say we are looking for a new phone.

Herein lies the problem and the reason we have gone two years without purchasing a new phone.

I don't like the new space age-y looking phones that are being sold. They all look super high tech, and I am not so fond of that. I really like the phones to look regular or even slightly vinatge.

Not crazy super technical. Much to my chagrin and Jeffrey's delight, the stores are full of the space age phones, and there isn't a normal one to be found anywhere! I have scoured the local Target, Radio Shack, and yes, even Wally world. No normal looking phones anywhere. Jeffrey informes me that the space age phones are the norm now, but I refuse to believe him.

So either I need to give in to the enevitable and modernize the look in my home, or I need to fork out a large sum and get someone to custom build a decent portable phone. Sad that modernization can't look nicer, isn't it.

In the meantime, if we don't answer the phone when you call, just remember it isn't personal, its just our phone is in the back bedroom and we can't here it. Unless we don't like you. Then it is personal. Bless your heart.


Lee said…
Hi Amy...it's Lee...Just calling to say hi. Now I know the secret if I ever call and you don't answer! BTW...love the Bless your heart at the end!!
Taren said…
I agree with you on the house phone thing, but NO CELL PHONES?! How? HOW?!
Em said…
i'm walking into spider webs...
Natasha said…
Have you ever checked out the retro styled phones at pottery barn? Not that they're cheap but they do look better than all those space age techie things

I love those old style looking phones too! It was nice having a home phone for a while but we got rid of our line because I felt like we were paying for solicitors to call us, and few friends ever called. (most the time we just ignored the phone too, but at least we had caller id so we knew if we should pick it up or not) So after a few months, it gave me a lot of extra rollover minutes on my cell phone. So we just have that now since we really aren't popular right now and don't get called much. Unfortunately it is on a contract, otherwise I would get rid of it and just get vonage.
But anyway, good luck on your search. I bet you could find old school looking phones on amazon or ebay or etsy.
Momisodes said…
I'm not a huge fan of the new space age looking phones either. I have to second the recommendation for the retro phones at Pottery Barn. They're pretty nice :)
LOL! I never answer the phone... it drives everyone crazy.

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