Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Walk To Remember

I have quite a few guilty pleasures. Walking is one of them (as are showers, of which there is a horrible shortage in my house, but that is another sad story). So, there are many nights when Jeffrey gets home from work and I feed him.

Then, when Jeffrey least suspects it I whisper in Keith's ear "Wanna go for a walk in your stroller?"

That is my secret weapon.

Keith loves walks as much as I do. If I want to get out, I just have to put it into Keith's mind that a walk is on the horizon, and he is insistent about going. He doesn't stop talking about it until he gets what he needs. His Daddy can't say no to him. So we go out. Get just what Mommy and Son need.

A walk.

So we go to our backyard haven and walk until our legs (or son) are tired.

(Scene from beneath the Jewish Memorial in my backyard haven.)

Perfect way to end an evening.

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