Tweedle bugs Make Perfection

Today rocks!

I got my whole house clean (doesn't happen everyday, but when it does, I am in the best mood). I don't know where the energy came from to get it done, but nonetheless, I am entirely pooped now. But it is clean.

I have gotten all things but one crossed off of my short term to do list before the baby is born.

My son is super cuddly. Well, actually he has a slight fever and so wants to be cuddled and loved a lot today. But I am okay with him needing me. It makes me happy (and this might be why my house was able to get cleaned. He was too busy either cuddling, or just laying on the floor in whichever room I was in rather than pulling toys out of every room he goes into).

While cuddling him, he decided he wanted to watch Sesame Street. We turned it on and much to my delight were greeted by the Tweedle bugs! Please tell me you remember them? They are the cute little bugs that lived in milk cartoons in Ernie's flower box. They were always my faaaaavorite! And now Keith informs me that they are his favorite as well.
Whilst snuggling and eating lunch (peanut butter and honey on whole wheat... a staple, with lots and lots of baby carrots. Yum!) there was a severe weather alert for where I live. Severe lightening and thunder storm with strong winds... I am still waiting for it, and am so excited! I love strong winds and violent storms! The weather man doesn't really know it, but he just made my day. It is fun watching the sky go from cloudless and deep blue to a light grey with a little bit of wind, to sudden wind and a darker grey... I can feel the wind going through my whole being like a static excitement! I am so excited to share this with Keith!
I opened all my windows to welcome the storm, and can't wait for it all to happen! *squeal* In the meantime my house gets to smell like fresh rain and flowers. So in love with today.

Then, I got two dinners made. I really don't know what has gotten into me, but while I have the energy, I am glad I could get it done. Now we have a dinner for a day when I am too exhausted to do anything. What a wonderful day! A clean house, storms, cuddling, tweedle bugs, dinners made, can life get any better?

And since the whole house is clean today, that means museum or park for Keith tomorrow! Always assuming he is feeling better, of course.

I hope you all had a fantastic day too.


mub said…
That does sound like a good day! The equivalent of Big Bird here is BLUE. It's unsettling ;)
I just noticed that I've given you more awards than anyone else! I rock! Oh yeah, oh yeah! And, btw I've been enjoying the stormy weather here too! Although it looks like today might be the end of!
Em said…
i opened my door for the rain. it smelled so good:-)

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