A Toast

Finally, after nearly three and a half weeks, I can shower at home again!

Bless the person who made that Draino drain cleaner.

To celebrate, Keith made us each a drink. He saw a jar of green olives on the counter and dropped one into our water. I have no idea where he saw that, but what can you do? I think he is more into celebrating than I am!

Here's to showering in my own home.


Lisa Anne said…
That would suck not to be able to shower at home. I'd drink to that anytime!!
Lee said…
YAE! Welcome back to the 21st century and running water!! Now if you would just get a portable phone...
Kaibee said…
Hey Amy thanks for following my blog! BTW the Ramazan fast you asked, well it is a religious practice of Muslims. We eat some thing before dawn..stay hungry for the whole day and then eat at dusk. The fast continues for thirty days. The reason for these fasts is to learn the value of overcoming our inner wants and wishes and to learn how the less fortunate ones survive!!
Thanks for visiting my blog though! :)
warmchocmilk said…
Cheers!! Love you Draino!!
Em said…
yeah right, it was vodka!

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