Someone is Knocking at my Door

Last night I felt an emotion I have never experienced before. In my life.

Let me set the stage for you.

Jeffrey was downstairs doing homework. I decided it was time to get Keith to bed, so we went into his room and started his bedtime routine. It was dark outside at this time, I don't remember how late it was. All the lights upstairs were off aside from Keith's bedroom light which is in the back corner of the house. Downstairs the only light on was the computer room, but that light is hidden by bushes and is in the back of the house. From the outside our house looked completely black.

As Keith and I were cleaning up our toys, I went into the hall to put something away and that is when it happened. I heard it.

And I felt sheer terror.

I was frozen to the spot. I couldn't move. Adrenelin kicked in.
There was a click at the door. I heard the latch go up. Luckily when we had gotten home I had double locked the door with both of the deadbolts on the door. But that didn't matter. I heard the noise and immediately turned on the hall light. I didn't hear anything else, but that could be because my heart was pumping so loudly. I stood frozen to the spot, my mind racing. Should I scream for Jeffrey? If I did, would he hear me? If I screamed it would scare Keith, and I didn't want to frighten him. Should I go downstairs and get Jeffrey? But I didn't want to leave Keith alone upstairs with a mad psychoman on the prowl. I finally decided I would run down, get Jeffrey and run back up, leaving Keith for only a few seconds. Jeffrey came running when I told him someone was trying to come into the house.

He looked out the front door and we saw no one, of course. He asked me what the sound was, and so I pressed down the latch, and got the feeling all over again. I had not imagined it. I had not assigned a meaning to a different sound, mistaking it for the door latch. It was exact. We closed the door, and Jeffrey stayed upstairs for the rest of the night. I was terrified!

A few minutes later I was putting Keith into his bed and heard a rattling sound outside of his window. Again, fear shot through my body. I hurried him into his bed and ran out of his room remembering a ladder was propped under his window. Jeffrey went outside and put it away, and for the rest of the night stayed by my side like the wonderful man he is.

We slept with the lights on. I didn't sleep.

This morning I felt quite a bit better, but to be on the safe side, we spent the day in Salt Lake. After dropping Jeffrey off at work, Keith and I went to Cabelas to meet up with my sister in law and her kids. I can be content never going to that store again. I am not a fan of hundreds of taxidermied animals looking at me. It makes me sad. I would rather see them alive and roaming around. Keith had fun at the shooting range. He tried to scope the area by looking into the butt of the gun. Kind of funny.We then went to Thanksgiving Point for lunch, and after playing long and hard with his cousins, Keith fell asleep on my lap. It was a very full and exhausting day!

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Noodle said…
How scary... I'm super glad your door was locked... I get scared too when I hear my door trting to be opened... Johnny thinks I just hear stuff but I know better... I feel sad that we live in a world where we have to lock our selfs in... But then on the other side when we are camping and I hear wild animals out side our tent it scares me to I guess there is no perfect world...
Jenn's Notes said…
That is so least your hubby was home...When did you stop renting out your base...hope you get better sleep tonight.
Em said…
is mine enabled already? you respond back, but that may be just b/c you have my email? anyway, i get so spooked with stuff like that. remember the mag light story??? sheesh, i can completely empathize with the heart pounding so loudly that you can't hear anything over it. frozen in fear. i'm afraid of the dark. did you see "i am legend?" after two years i am finally able to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night without turning the lights on. i still have to tell myself there a not a bunch of rabid humans huddled in the corner of my bathroom. i know, i'm such a scaredy pants. so sorry you don't like cabelas! we love feeding the fish and playing the gun games upstairs. the one at the point of the mountain is right by my inlaws house in alpine so we have been a time or two. i've never braved the food court, but it is on my list of things to try:-)plus, free indoor fun, can't beat that! especially when it gets colder. we'll be attending much more frequently...
Lee said…
That is scary! I have that happen to me as well, but I am always here with just the kids and no hubby. I am so glad that you are all okay!
Jessica Bender said…
That would be so scary! I can't even imagine!!
Familia Morales said…
Scary! Glad you're all okay. Locks are wonderful things and so are motion sensor lights outside. I always have to have mine on.
Stephanie Faris said…
Oh my. You need some motion detector lights on that particular part of your house. We have an alarm. That gives me a huge amount of piece of mind, but I think just having the signs outside is a bit of a deterrent.
Ooh that's spooky! It is so sad that the Ogden neighborhoods aren't as safe and carefree as they once were. They are so beautiful! Yet now they are filled with dangerous people who would break into your house if they could. Anyway, hopefully it was just the wind or something though.
Oh, and since you've replied to my comments before I assume that I don't need to do anything different. Let me know if that is not the case.
Wow that is weird. Every now and again I get that really unnerving feeling. In fact Chris is blessing the new house, I think he thinks I am a touch nuts or just latin.
Wow, how funny! I think I enabled the email thingy- hopefully I did it right. You sure have lots of blog awards! I guess its cause your blog is so awesome and everything... Maybe one day my blog will be half as award worthy as yours...or maybe even comment worthy...sniff sniff.

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