Pay It Forward

Oh my goodness! I am feeling so much love right about now. My dear friend Tricia just sent me a little bloggy love, and I think I want to share a little of it with the rest of yous guys. It always makes me happy when I hear someone likes my blog, and then I get fantastic comments, and I think I am going to cry! Okay, not really, but I am pregnant, so don't put it past me. At any rate, since she loves my blog, and I can't give it back to her (though I do love hers) I am just going to have to pass it on to someone else!

I don't really know the rules with this award, so I'm just going to make them up. The rules according to me are to pass this blog award on to people you truly love. Yup, that about sums it up. So without further ado

I gotta tell ya, I just love About A Girl. Mal is such a funny girl who I really wish I had gotten to know better. She went to my mission the day I went home, so I have only spoken to her about four or five times in person, but I sure love getting to know her better through her blog. She is so fun and adventerous, and I want to be like her when I grow up.

Then there is
Emilisq who just makes me smile. Emily has the second cutest little boy in the world. I love the way she writes about her adventures or even her questions. And she put together and still hosts a blog book club! I love reading books with her and getting her insight. She also throws the best parties ever and writeas about them in a way to make everyone who reads it insanely jealous that they weren't invited. I am still waiting for my invitation, Em. Maybe this is a little bit of bribery...

Finally I have to tell you about Smell the Coffee Lisa who is so great and friendly. I haven't known her as long as the others, but you know what, I wouldn't be sorry if I did. She is stinking awesome, and has the cutest blog ever! She just rocks. Nothing else needs to be said.

Yup, that there is my list of people who I think are awesome. There are so many more, and if you think you deserve this award, by golly, just take it! Because I don't want to go through and name everyone, so I am only naming a few right now, but honestly, love these girls!

And again, Thanks so much Trish for making this happen. See, because she loves me, I get to share my love with you, and we all pay it forward, and then the world is a much happier and more loving place. All because of Tricia.


Mal Mecham said…
Oh friend, you just warmed my little heart! Thank you!! :)
Aww shucks! That makes me so happy!
Em said…
made my morning;-)
Lisa Anne said…
OMG you just made my DAY!! Thank you so much!! I'm so happy I just found this. I'm going to post it now!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so happy!!
Came by from Lisa Anne's blog to say hi.

Please stop by mine sometime

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