If Only I Knew My Hubby

Do you remember when I was laughing because my hubby really knows me? I mean really knows me

to the extent that he can understand exactly what I am saying even if it is super vague?

I love that about him!

Last week I found out it only goes one way.

I guess I am not as good at knowing what is on his mind as he is with me.

We were talking about life, and living righteously and sinning and all that deep stuff when we got stuck. He tried for nearly an hour to explain something that I just didn't get. I got frustrated because he kept explaining himself over and over and saying the same thing and it made no sense to me at all whatsoever.


And finally, after an hour of stressful lack of communication, I figured out what he was saying. If he had just changed one word, I would have gotten it the first time. But he insisted on using that word which is what was throwing me off.

Last night the same thing happened. We were studying our scriptures and we got hung up on one word. For an hour we discussed the meaning of the word, and we both got frustrated because the other one wouldn't or couldn't understand what we were trying to say...

Too bad I don't have his gift to know exactly what he is talking about like he does with me. It would sure make things easier. Bless his heart.


Isn't it funny how one word can mean something way different to someone else? I'm kind of interested to know what word you guys were getting hung up on...
Lee said…
Well, at least you keep trying to understand him! I gave up on my hubby about 2 days after marriage!!
Lisa Anne said…
I wish someone could understand me, because then maybe they could help me understand myself.
warmchocmilk said…
I think my hubby "knows" me better too, Maybe men are just better at that sort of thing.

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