Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How To Anger An Expectant Woman

"You can't come. You're pregnant."

The words rang out like an assassin's knife, striking a noticeable hole in my pride.

Our friend had come over to discuss plans for General Conference. He was talking about going on a picnic in between sessions.

I love Conference. It is something I look forward to every Spring and Fall. I was looking forward to cozying up to Jeffrey as we listen to the counsel from the Lord. Conference always helps me. It just makes me happy.

Now that I have my own family it is nice to be able to stay and learn in the quiet peace of my home. I don't mind visiting my parents and watching with them, but there is something so special about sipping apple cider ('tis the season, you know) in my husbands arms and receiving much needed counsel from the leaders of our church.

"What?!? What kind of crazy person says that?" I demanded.

Our friend mildly shrugged his shoulders, told us who it was, and then continued on with a different topic. I am not certain if he knew just how close he was to breaking the ice he was treading and being swallowed up in a wrath of hormones and pride.

He visited with us some more, and left with cordial farewells as it was getting late. I don't remember how civil I was after that comment though. To be perfectly honest, I am still seething.

Just for the record, I think it is safe to say never tell a pregnant woman she can't do something due to the fact she is pregnant.

Unless you have a death wish, of course.

So those of you who have never been pregnant learn this lesson now, before it is too late. Pregnant people are normal people too. Being pregnant doesn't suddenly make me weak or sick (except for the first trimester generally speaking). Unless the doctor says otherwise, we can do basically the same things you can. Up until the baby is born.

Just so you know.

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