Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Me

My little man got a haircut today. He was surprisingly good! After the initial 5 minutes of screaming. And she did a surprisingly good job considering it was a beauty school, and she had a screaming wiggling toddler to work with. Granted it isn't the best hair he has sported, but it looks good, and is a lot better than the tail he had and the hair in his eyes. What a handsome little man I have. After the haircut he got his bribe. A toy of his choosing. He choose a ninja turtle action figure mistaking it for a robot.
DuringAfter side shotStill a little tail, but not muchSo cute with his Beatles do!

But that is not the real reason we are here today. The real reason is for me to tell you all about my anniversary. Saturday.

I know, I know. Most of you think I got married in January.

You are right.

I did.

But that doesn't mean today isn't my anniversary. See, I have always wanted to be married in September. The 19th to be exact. My whole life I have loved the day September 19th. For no reason other than I love it. I decided I wanted to make it special so I would get married on that day.

It would be perfect. The weather is generally perfect, the trees are just changing, and to be with the man I love would make the day a million times more wonderful. And then my Darling had to go and make me fall in love with him in the fall (which was perfect) and propose to me in the beginning of November. Unless we wanted to wait nearly a year, I would never have my special day.

Rather than wait that long Jeffrey made a deal with me. He promised me we could always celebrate the 19th of September if we married in January.

"But today is the 17th" you say.


But we inadvertently planned something with a friend for the 19th. Silly us.

So, this is what tomorrow is going to be like.

I am going to get up with Jeffrey. While he is in the shower I am going to make cinnamon rolls for him (aren't cinnamon rolls so good in the early morning?) so he can have a tasty breakfast. While he is at work I am going to get my hair trimmed and straightened (not chemically, just for the day). I am then going to find a place that sells denatured alcohol (any suggestions) for our fondue dinner. I am going to make a delicious mushroom sauce to dip the veggies and bread in. I am going to chop up veggies and fruit, and melt some chocolate. I am going to make a nice table setting on Keith's table complete with cloth napkins candles, and some yummy sparkling juice. I am going to leave Keith with his grandparents, pick up Jeffrey from the bus stop and take him home for a sweet dinner. We are then going to hike the canyon where Jeffrey proposed to me. Hike until the sun goes down, spread out a blanket, and do a little star gazing. Jeffrey is an astronomer. Bet you didn't know that, did you? After a little star gazing and smooching we will go back and get Keith and go home for a little movie watching. Just for fun.

I am so excited for tomorrow! Hopefully everything goes as planned. But nothing ever goes as planned, so I will let you know what happens.

Have a great weekend as I wont be posting tomorrow. A little too busy, you know. Romantic evening and all to plan.

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