Monday, September 28, 2009

Growing Up is Hard To Do... for the mom

Keith decided it was time to grow up.

He is a big boy now, he informs me.

He can do things that I do every day.

This determination of his has its definite perks. He is now cleaning his own room, and cleaning up his own messes. He has been throwing his dirty diapers away for some time now, and just last week he learned to make his bed! With him helping the cleaning has gotten a touch easier.

Yes, he did put his animals and his "robot" in his bed after he made it.

However, there are drawbacks.

He loves the camera. Last week he decided he wanted to learn how to use it. Since I was in the room, and I am pretty good about keeping the camera out of his reach, I foolishly thought it would be okay to let him learn to use the camera while I am around. He is a natural! The pictures posted were all taken by him. Such talent.

And then yesterday it all backfired.

We went to visit family, namely my brother who just had a new baby. While all the grownups were down in the living room, the kids were playing quietly upstairs. One by one the kids left with their respective families which left Keith upstairs by himself. That is a recipe for disaster. Acting upon instinct, I left the comfortable conversation to check on my klepto. I found him playing with my sister in law's camera. He saw me and hurriedly said

"Hunter gave me."

Already practicing to pass the blame. His poor little sister doesn't stand a chance! I took the camera from him and together we went downstairs. Upon further inspection, I discovered the camera had been broken. My brother and sister in law claim that it was having problems before he somehow destroyed their only camera. Did I mention they have two adorable preschoolers and a new baby? They are a picture taking family. My son destroyed their memory maker.

Sigh. I guess this is just the beginning of the destruction my son will cause as he grows older. Can't he just stay a little boy for always?

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