From Angel to Demon and Back in 2.5 Seconds

And so it begins.
Yesterday is a day that has to be documented.

It started out beautifully.
I got to drive Jeffrey to work again, which meant a day in the city!
So as not to be bored, I called my cousin and together we perused Gardner Village which was happily void of many clamouring children. Just lots of moms and their toddlers happy to get out while their other kids were in school. Beautiful.
*Jeffrey, can I just move there? Please?*
At any rate, we are planning on going back as soon as the witches come out of hiding.

We then stopped by Ja Nae's house (my cousin) and she let me get the cream of her crop from the beautiful garden that is her backyard. Keith had a lot of fun chasing grasshoppers and gardner snakes and I now have a bowl full of ripe cherry tomatoes. So yummy!

And then it began.

I asked Keith to come to me. He threw himself onto the ground and exclaimed "Fell down."
He did the exact opposite of everything I needed him to do. On purpose. He was naughty! He faught me the whole day long. Seriously fought me. He has never been like this, ever! By the time Jeffrey got home from work I was ready to pull my hair out! I went to the grocery store and had to buy 2 cartons of ice cream. Yup, 2 of 'em.

Jeffrey got home, played with Keith for a while, and even got him to bed on time. It was wonderful to have a quiet evening. Finally. And then I got to sit down with a rootbeer float and the Aggies and Utes. It was a fun game to watch, and my neighbor Kwanki came up and explained it all to me. I understand so much more now! Not everything, mind you. Such a fun relaxing evening. Did you know football could be so fun to watch? It was a little awkward since Kwanki was rooting for the Utes, and I am partial to the Aggies, but it was still a good end to the day.

And guess what? Keith is perfect today! He has been an angel. I don't understand what made the difference, but I sure am happy about it! I sure am glad he is my little boy and throughout the good and the bad, I will keep him.


Lee said…
Those terrible twos. Aren't they fun??
* { Shannon } * said…
I was at Gardner Village on Wednesday! That would be way funny if we ran into each other randomly sometime :)
Stephanie Faris said…
Ugh. Kids are just so unpredictable. I think after a day like that, ANYTHING is relaxing!
valentine said…
i have heard that gardner village is so much fun at halloween! i haven't been, but would like to at some point.
I guess that is what being two is all about, eh? Just wait for my fun stories!
Em said…
although this age is very high maitenance, i just think the emotional outbursts are so dang funny! i can't stop myself from grabbing my camera to document the lovely little tantrums. you saw the brat diet incident;-) anyway, i'm all about humor in the situation. poor little dudes. i've heard it's like this until at least 3. bring it on baby. BRING IT ON;-)

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