The Everlasting Love

It was a cool autumn afternoon. The filtered sun was bathing the sidewalk in gold and the sky was wearing its best saphire cloak. The street was littered with children on bikes and dogs chasing balls. And then the harmony of the afternoon was completed by a tiny voice shouting

"Monster, where are you? Monster, I love you. Come here. Come for kisses. Monster, I love you."

And that completed the perfect first day of fall.

When I go through and try to respond to your comments, a good portion of you lovely peeps have no-reply-comment{at}blogger{dot}com instead of your email address. That means that if I try to respond to you, you won't get it. Sad story!
I love comments and I would love to reply to your comments, but I can't unless your email is there.
So will all of you, please take a minute or two to visit these {one of these} two blogs and read their instructions on how to update this? They even have screen prints to make it super easy.
Good and Crazy People or Sweet Simplicity
Thanks a million!!


Lee said…
Love that picture, but who's monster??
Emmy said…
Great picture! And that sounds just completely wonderful.
I am glad fall is here too.
Such a completely wonderful fabulous pic and day!
Lisa Anne said…
What a cute picture. I wonder if I'm one of those you can't reply to. A lot of people do it for privacy issues. You can always link to their blog and leave a comment on one of their posts as a reply.

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