The end and the begining

Today was the last day of summer. Did you remember that?

Keith did.

We got to go to the local park and hang out. We ran around, got lots of pictures, and had a whole lot of fun.

Keith's favorite movie is The Iron Giant. Anytime he sees a wooded area he thinks the giant robot will be coming out, and always searches for it. He explored, and wanted to eat all the apples that had fallen on the floor, and had fun playing Pooh Sticks.

My favorite part? The sky.

I love the autumn sky. Never is it so blue. Never is it so clear. Never is it so deep.

Tomorrow, we are going to do much the same thing.

It is the first day of fall, after all.

Funny thing, its supposed to be hotter tomorrow than today. Go figure.

Welcome Autumn!


Em said…
LOVE his haircut!!! did my tips help??? i hope so:-) your pictures are so great. totally got me in the mood for the new season today. well, that and the fact that i woke up in the dark at 7am before the pork loin. it was wonderful:-)
Noodle said…
I'm glad bfall is here as well... The season of light jackets and falling leaves... It just makes me smile... Plus it means I'm that much closer to meeting my little girl...
valentine said…
wow, you got some really great fall pics! i love fall. hate winter.
Lisa Anne said…
What great photos. I love how you captured the leaves and the colors. Amazing!!
Stephanie Faris said…
It was definitely hotter here today than yesterday. It was rainy here yesterday, too, so everywhere I went I froze...because the sun wasn't heating buildings and no buildings here have heat on yet. I swore I would wear a sweater today to make up for it...and now it's hot everywhere. (Sigh)

Anyway, LOVE the pics. This is my favorite time of year, so I'm SO glad to see it's finally here!
Autumn doesn't start until about November here. Then the trees do change color and stay that way until the end of the year! Its kinda fun!
Kaibee said…
People seem to be real fans of fall!!! So am I! but here in karachi, its like summer all the time!! :(
Sue said…
These pics are fantastic!


PS. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always good to "see" a fellow lover of autumn and friend of Em.

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