Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Case of the Missing Car Keys and Other Such Objects

I am losing my mind.

I guess that is what happens when during a pregnancy, but really, should it be this bad?

I can no longer be trusted with car keys.

Or any key for that matter.

See, I tend to place them in the car key black hole, whence they can never return

or so it seems.

Even if I have them for just two minutes I loose them, and then I spend nearly an hour searching for them and two days later I seem to find them... where they belong. I mention this because it has happened more than once now.

More than twice even.

In fact, by 1:00 in the afternoon I had lost my keys seven times today. No joke! I needed them because I was out running errands, and while I was out I lost them.

Several times.

And spent a long time looking.

But Keith had a lot of fun playing hide and seek with the keys, so I guess I can't complain. I mean providing entertainment for my toddler is what I live for. Didn't you know that?

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for another fabulous guest post! tArEn from Free Flan is coming by to leave some of her wonderful snark. Can't hardly wait!
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