As I mentioned yesterday, I asked my friend Emily from Emilisq to come on by and have a little fun with my blog. She is so fun, I think everyone should meet her, so I am forcing you to :) I hope you like her as much as I do! Here she is in all her wordful glory:

i have "attachments" to things.
a lot of the time my attachments are to furniture.
this drives my family crazy.
i will only buy a piece of furniture if i can see it staying with us for 20 years.
my mother has furniture that she bought in her 20's.
she is 63.
they are beautiful antiques.
i love them.
she thinks my "attachments" are ridiculous.
b/c mine are to $120 armoire (is that how you spell it?) we bought with wedding money at target,
and a $60 desk from walmart that i bought for my first college apartment out of the dorms.
i really do love them though.
the target armoire has lots of character.
there's a large burn mark from a salt city candle that exploded last year.
i forget to blow them out sometimes.
i know, get a warmer.
i like the ambiance of a flame.
we have a working fire extinguisher under our sink.
at least i trust that it will work.
one which we've never had to use, but it's there still the same.
i verified it was there for the pediatrician at the pork loin's 1 yr check up.
the back of the armoire is bulging out b/c our tv is too fat in the back, and the armoire has two cardboard pieces that give the appearance of wood (hence the $120 figure).
when we stack enough on top of the tv you totally can't tell that the wall is gaping through where the two pieces of cardboard are concaving.
so monday morning, as i visited my favorite blogs and posted to my own, i sat.
i sat in pure motherly genius.
my child was entertaining himself so well.
so peacefully well.
go me.
i am the PERFECT mother.
(except for the part where i allow him to watch as much tv as it takes me to check email, blogs, and post my own in the mornings...that part i could probably improve on...really though, mickey mouse clubhouse is very i tell myself.)
so back to the PERFECT mother part.
i'm beaming with joy, eating oatmeal and blueberries with a tall water bottle sweating from coldness.
after who knows how long i look over to gaze upon my PERFECT motherness in action.
only to find that my toddler has somehow COMPLETELY REMOVED the door to the armoire.
my treasured armoire!
my treasured toddler!
completely unharmed.
both of them.

and i spent the remainder of the day trying to figure out how he did it.
without a peep.

I hope you enjoyed her little visit. If you liked her, there is plenty more of where that came from over at her blog. Check her out!


Lisa Anne said…
How do they do that. My son use to take stuff apart too without anything collapsing or him getting hurt. Crazy!
Hi! Popping over from SITS roll call to visit.

LOL, funny how they can do that in just a split second too! I'm going through this with a toddler puppy right now - 8 months old. Last night I took my eyes off of him for just a few seconds and found him chewing on the corner of the edge of one of my gardening books!

Have a great rest of the week.
Emmy said…
That is pretty funny I must admit. How in the world did he manage that.
And yes Emily is wonderful!

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