Ah, Perfection

Nothing ever goes according to plan.

But that doesn't mean it wont still be great.

Friday went nothing like I had planned. Nothing.

And it was a wonderful night anyway.

The house was messy, Keith was fussy, dinner wasn't quite ready, Jeffrey was late, and it was one of my favorite nights ever.

We got Keith to his grandparent's house then went back home.

Jeffrey was very skeptical about the fondue ("If you can't make dinner without denatured alcohol, maybe you shouldn't be making that for dinner") but after a few bites of the food, he loved it! I did get the dinner table all fancied up, and had nice music going. When we finnished eating and laughing, Jeffrey pulled me up and we danced around the living room. We didn't get up to the mountains to hike or star gaze, which was probably good, because I could barely walk due to the whole being pregnant thing. Back hurting and all. We picked Keith up from his grandparent's house and got home around 11:00. We then went to bed. We were far too tired for a movie. But it was perfect anyway.

Saturday BYU lost. I have to say, I wasn't surprised. I had a feeling that they wouldn't be winning that game. That was a bit sad, but it was still fun to watch. Especially since Keith watched with me, and was great at yelling B-Y-U! Yeah!

Jeffrey and I played chess. Why is it fair that all the peices move in different directions? How am I supposed to remember all of the rules? Ridiculous! I really hate that game. I hope Keith can learn quickly to play so I don't have to anymore. I really don't like that game. But during the game there was lots of lightening and thunder going on mixed with fireworks at the nearby University and pelting rain. The smell was intoxicating which made losing bearable... but only just.

And this past weekend I learned what a social man is mine. At the grocery store he insisted on showing every person he came into contact with his little action figures. He called a few older men "Paca!" which is Grandpa in Keith tongue. At church he walked around the hall smiling at everyone, sying " 'squze me" as he passed them. Talking to random people in the hall, and being completely adorable.

And now I sit surrounded by the weekend's festivities waiting for me to clean it all up. The mess is as wonderful (meaning huge) as my weekend, and may take just as long to clean up, but do you know what? I am sitting in the sun, laptop on my knee, and hot chocolate nearby (have you ever put candy corn in your hot chocolate? You should try it. Absolutely mouth watering). All my windows are open and fall is spilling into my house from every open orifice. If I could have the weather like this year round, I am very tempted I would do it. The sun is hot and enveloping, the air is crisp and fresh and makes me so happy to be alive. And did you know the mountains are begining to change? The promise of a vibrant fall is in every particle around me. I declare this past weekend, today included, to be perfect. And tomorrow is my annual Fall picnic. Anyone want to come?


Lee said…
sounds like a great weekend!
mub said…
I'm glad you found alcohol! I tried to leave a comment on that last post thinking maybe Walmart would have it but I think Blogger ate it.

I MISS THE MOUNTAINS! Go hug them and enjoy the colors for me ;)
Familia Morales said…
You are such a talented writer! I love reading your posts. Here's to a week just as perfect as the weekend was.
Grand Pooba said…
I only wish my weekend was half as good as yours! Well, my house DID stay a mess, but nothing spectacular happened to make up for it!
Debbie said…
I am so happy it was a perfect weekend! That's great. I loved hearing all about it.

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