When you wish upon a star

All growing up I longed for a best girl friend.

Someone I could laugh with and talk with, and be myself completely with no reservations.

And I was lucky. I had a gazillion guy friends and three best friends who were of the male persuasion.

But never a girl friend.

And then this weekend happened and I can now die happy.

See, my nieces came to play.

Heidi is 17-ish, and Genna is 15-ish, and they are the friends that I have been searching for my whole life. They know great music (thanks to incredible parenting on the part of my sister and her husband) and love the best movies, they like to play and laugh and goof off just like I do.

And I discovered this kindred spirit connection we share this very weekend. We laughed and played like there was no tomorrow. And then tomorrow came, and their mother missed them, and they had to climb back into the little Geo and rumble off into the darkness like a dream.

It is only fitting they leave that way, as that is how they came. Around 9:00 Friday night a small green Geo sputtered to a stop in front of my house, bringing sunshine and giddiness with it. The doors opened ushering in a weekend of fun and memories and out popped the Nieces.

That night we stayed up late laughing, talking about boys, eating ice cream and watching a movie.

Saturday we got up a little earlier than I would have liked, and went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house, and I tell you what, that Temple is absolutely beautiful! As soon as you walk into the doors you know that you are in a sacred place. And to share it with my nieces was joy beyond happiness!

That night we pulled out a classic movie (as great a parent as my sister is, she seems to have failed in one small aspect. The girls didn't know who Cary Grant is! But not to worry, I introduced them, and they are all now great friends) and watched Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn dazzle the screen with their amazing chemistry, grace and wit.

Sunday it was off to a family dinner, and then goodbye to the girls. They had to go back home.

All in all, for a girl who grew up wishing on every star and loosing an awful lot of money in wishing wells for that best girl friend, I sure got lucky!

Now for the hard part, the patience required until the next time I get to see them again.


Em said…
awww, this makes me miss my friends!
I feel similarly about the girls in my husband's family. And about that temple! It is so pretty! We were talking about temples in primary on Sunday and none of the kids had been to an open house before. Well, of course not- they don't live in Utah!

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