Friday, August 28, 2009

Sophie and Betty

Sophie loves organization. She loves things to be clean, neat and orderly. She is the responsible one who doesn't waste time. Were it up to Sophie my life would be full of learning, growing and cleanliness.

But then there is Betty. Betty is the one who loves playing, laughing and wasting time. It is her fault my house is not clean, and I spend way too much time goofing off.

Betty and Sophie are the voices in my head that dictate the way I live my life. Sadly, Sophie feels very neglected, and rightly so. I desperately try to give her the attention she needs, but somehow Betty wins every time.

So, next time you come to my house, and it isn't clean, or I look disorganized, or my son has a messy face you will know not to blame me. You will know Betty came to play.

And give your condolences to Sophie. She is feeling pretty blue. She just saw my bedroom again.

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